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At first I was very self conscious and nervous to talk about myself and discuss my problems, but over time, my confidence and self worth changed for the better. I loved setting mini goals and making them into habits. I feel like I’m being my better self and that I’m worthy. 

At the start of these sessions I was really struggling with a lot of things, like my mental health, my inner dialogue and my general confidence. I've learnt a lot in all of the sessions about how everything ties together and impacts each other, like sleep and exercise has such a massive impact on mental health and then all of this effects what I'm wanting to eat. I now can see that when I'm over working myself and super tired I crave the quick easy fixes and it throws me out of balance for a few days. I've come out of this program knowing that "I can have it if I want it, but do I really feel like it" and I think about this all the time.

After many failed weight loss attempts I took the opportunity to challenge my mindset towards food and my response to it. I now focus on what I have achieved, whereas previously I would have scolded myself for perceived failures.  The negative  mind chatter has been replaced with affirmations and healthier habits.

I initially thought my focus was purely on weight loss, in the end it became about learning not to be so hard on myself and how to guide myself to a better relationship with my body and food.

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