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Winter Blues Got You Good? 3 Ways to Regain Your Weight Loss Motivation & Momentum

If you have found yourself hitting snooze on the alarm and struggling to get up and at ‘em you’re definitely not alone. The couch, Netflix and large quantities of comfort food are often where it is at during these cooler months.

The good news is - it doesn't actually take much to find your mojo again.

The thing about habits, is that they work in a web. By making a change to one habit, it is likely to have an impact on other habits. So the key is to find something...ANYTHING...that you are willing to work on and purely by getting started, you will have begun to rebuild your momentum.

Sound good in theory but not sure where to start?

Keep reading to discover my top 3 tips for getting going again!

1. Get Tracking

The simple act of keeping a food and lifestyle journal can often lead to improvements purely by helping to raise your awareness and focus levels. Things that you might find useful to track could include food (what/where/when), exercise, sleep, mood, bowel actions etc. Whatever is relevant to you!

Once you have kept your diary for a few days, have a look over it and see if you can spot any patterns. This will help you to identify priority areas you need to work on and may help you to select your first habit to address.

For example:

Diary analysis: I crave sweets in the afternoon and buy something from the work canteen

Goal: Make healthier choices at afternoon tea time

New habit: When I make the kids’ lunches, I will pack myself an afternoon snack

Diary analysis: When I go to bed late, I have trouble getting up in the morning and don’t do my exercise

Goal: Get to bed earlier

New habit: When it gets to 10pm, I will start my bed routine by having a shower.

2. Focus on What to Add Rather than Things to Take Away

When we are wanting to lose weight, the first thing we tend to do is focus on the things we should be doing less of…

  • Drink less alcohol

  • Cut out chocolate

  • Cut out takeaway

  • Eat less carbs

Because these are changes you are generally not going to look forward to, there is always a good reason not to start right away.

“I’ll start Monday…”
“I’ve got a birthday this weekend but I’ll cut down my drinking after that…”

So instead of focusing on things you want to do less of, flip it and think about adding things you want to do more of. These could include:

  • More vegetables

  • More fruit

  • More fluids

  • More movement

I’m not saying that you will never need to consider things such as your intake of sweet treats or alcohol...BUT by adding in things such as more fruit, vegetables and fluids - there automatically becomes less room for those other things and by default may have a positive impact on other areas.

The psychological impact of adding things is also far less taxing than the concept of taking things away, which in turn will make getting started a much easier process!

3. Make it Winter Friendly

Ok, so you’re open to the concept of adding in things rather than focusing on things to take away. But I can hear you saying that things such as fruit, vegetables and exercise are less appealing in winter. This is absolutely understandable. No one will necessarily look forward to sitting down to a leafy tuna salad on a winters day.

So make it winter friendly! Here are some ideas that you might find useful:


  • Think warming soups, stews and curries - load them up with extra veg and legumes to bulk the dish out

  • Try veggie alternatives such as cauliflower rice either as a substitute or addition to normal rice (ie have ½ rice ½ cauliflower rice)

  • Roast up vegetables in bulk to use as sides or create a warm winter salad


  • Use warm stewed or tinned fruit (in juice) and add to low fat yoghurt or custard for dessert

  • Grab some frozen berries, zap them in the microwave and use as a topping for porridge

  • Bake a healthy fruit crumble (you could use fresh, tinned or frozen fruit as the base)


  • Try warm water or herbal teas as a winter alternative.

Also don’t forget, your cups of tea and coffee will count towards your daily fluid intake, but it is also good to include some non-caffeinated fluids.


Love a bit of fresh air? Rug up!

  • Keep your warm exercise gear somewhere accessible - think puffer jacket/rain coat, gloves, beanie or ear warmers

  • Arrange to meet a friend which will provide extra incentive to get out the door!

If the thought of going outside makes you want to pull the doona back over your head, then perhaps indoor options might be a better fit for you at this time!

  • Get creative and try a Yoga video, home workout video

  • Consider an indoor gym class

  • Pop on your favourite tunes and dance around the house with the kids / dog / the vacuum...


Feeling like making change during winter is now looing a bit more achievable?

I hope so!

Winter is one of the most testing times of year when it comes to weight loss. However, there is no need to wait until Monday / wait until later / wait until Spring to make change. Start small, choose 1-2 things at a time and before you know it, you will have built some momentum and be on your way again.


Feel like you might need some external support and accountability? You are very welcome to book in for a free kickstart call to explore some of your barriers to change and how to move forward from here. Link HERE



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